The Biggest Negatives For A Cat Owner Is Scratching As Well As Climbing

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So you have spent months trying to choose the perfect furry companion for your family. You’ve investigated dogs, birds, rabbits, gerbils and guinea pigs. You’ve thought about hermit crabs and fish but you eventually made the decision to get a cat. Welcome to the existence of a cat person.

Needless to say having a cat is certainly great. I have had my reasonable share of cats and love having a cat in the home. It’s a joy to sit in the evenings with your cat quietly purring curled up on your lap. But there’s one disadvantage to having a cat. Scratching and climbing.

Because so many cat owners will advise you having a new feline in the residence can be a damaging encounter. If you’re not prepared for it then it may come as a total shock once you find out some day that it seems like the legs of the much-loved table have been ripped to pieces. It looks like someone has mauled them with a chainsaw.

Or perhaps it’s your much-loved settee, or maybe the carpet or the duvet. Or possibly you’ve got home one day to find your drapes in a pile at the base of your windows with the curtain rail resting on top of them, because your cat has tried to climb the curtains.

Unfortunately you have discovered that an impulse common to practically all cats is climbing and scratching. Don’t be concerned, it is not something limited to your cat, and it is not something which you’re likely to change. Pretty much all cats climb and scratch, it’s instinctual.

And don’t believe that if you discipline him each time you find him at it that he will stop. It’s extremely improbable that smacking his feet or shouting at him or anything more will make him cease. It might lead him to cease scratching when you are observing but he’ll continue to practice it while you aren’t observing.

You are in very good company, this can be a difficulty that’s been found by countless cat owners. The good thing is that there is a solution. It’s not punishing him and it is not de-clawing him as some would make you believe.

The answer is comparatively straightforward in many instances. You can purchase basic cat furniture known as cat scratching pole that happen to be specifically designed to direct his scratching clear of your valuable and expensive furniture towards a dedicated scratching post where he can do all the destruction he wants.

Sometimes it takes a little effort to train him to make use of it. It’s always safer to start as young as feasible, and when your cat is still a kitten and hasn’t begun scratching yet it’s nevertheless much better to get him a cat scratching post now and get him begun scratching in places you want him to.

There are a variety of strange and goofy answers to this challenge on the internet. But the best is merely to purchase a cat scratching pole, generally $30 or less, and also to educate him to use it and the damage to the legs of the favorite table or sofa will be at an end. While, especially if he’s more aged, he may devote more time to resisting it’s quite possible to teach the majority cats to use a scratching post with success.

The not so good news is that if you have just got a cat the probability of him leaving your furniture alone are small, however if you buy him a cat scratching pole and show him to use it damage to your house furniture ought to be restricted.

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